The California beach town of Cayucos, located in San Luis Obispo County, on the California central coast, is a haven for surfers and fishing enthusiasts, and visitors can find a host of antique shops, restaurants and taverns along its "old California" main street. Cayucos, California hosts several antique and collectable street fairs throughout the year closing off Main Street through the middle of town.

The long, uncluttered white sandy beach is home to the Cayucos pier built in 1875. Rent a sea kayak for the afternoon, try your hand at surfing or boogie boarding, fish off the pier, explore the tidepools, or just enjoy a swim on the sandy beach. Cayucos is a great place to slow down, relax, and enjoy life the way it is meant to be, whether you have a weekend or a long term Central Coast beach vacation rental.


Cayucos is a classic California beach town, but it has a history of settlement and development that reminds us these are places where people really live! Look at the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce site for a more thorough history, but here’s the overview.

In the mid-1800’s, the area was predominantly devoted to ranching, and some of the county’s oldest families with Swiss Italian or Portuguese names hail from this early time. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the little community of Cold Creek was established in the same general area where Old Creek Road is today. Later, sensing commercial opportunity, James Cass built the pier in 1871, and in 1875 William Babcock recorded a subdivision map, and the community has been going ever since.

The town of Cayucos was born from the Spanish Land Grant days and was part of the Morro y Cayucos Rancho. Surveyed in 1875, the original town was developed by Captain James Cass who built the original wharf, store, and warehouse that provided for commerce thruout the coastal communities. Cayucos enjoyed a colorful youth with gamblers and rum runners frequenting the Cayucos Tavern - a local favorite to this day. The Chumash Indians were the original inhabitants of most of the region now claimed by San Luis Obispo. The Chumash of this region call themselves the Stishni, and spoke a Chumashan language quite distinct from all the other Chumashan speakers who lived to the south and east. The most famous invention of the Chumash was the plank canoe, called a tomol or Cayuco.

The commercial reasons for the town’s early existence have evaporated, but it is thriving under new conditions. Cayucos is one of the California Central Coast beach towns that attracts visitors - some of them long term beach vacation rentals—from the San Joaquin Valley and the big cities to the north and south. They come for the beach, the steady sea air, and the laid back lifestyle you can’t help but adopt in Cayucos. Like Morro Bay and Pismo Beach, Cayucos has a large proportion of “vacant” housing - 38% in the 2000 census. But don’t be fooled. This housing isn’t vacant all the time. It’s often occupied by happy visitors who find Central Coast Cayucos vacation rentals the perfect way to get a grip on life.

While in Cayucos, the large pier is a magnet for fishermen and strollers, and it provides a perfect spot for watching the surfers riding the waves in to the beach. At the foot of the pier is the Veterans Hall where arts and crafts and other cultural and community events are frequently held. If you have shopping in mind, browse some of the great antique stores and be prepared to find something you can’t resist. Less than a mile from the pier is a country road, Cayucos Creek Road, that spirals through country pastures, avocado groves, where you will find the historic Cayucos Creek Barn, a favorite event venue for Cayucos, that hosts romantic weddings, parties, barbeques, music shows, concerts, as well as fundraisers for the town of Cayucos.

Bring your surf board and your mountain bike. Join the other surfers in the warm morning sun paddling out to catch a wave. Get into the rhythm of the climb up Old Creek Road on your bike, winding through stunning farms and hills past Whale Rock Reservoir all the way up to Highway 46. Spend the afternoon lounging on the terrace next to the beach at one of Cayucos justly famous taverns. Kick back.

Several airlines offer air shuttle services to/from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix at the San Luis Obispo County Airport. American Eagle may be contacted at 800-433-7300. America West may be contacted at (800) 235-9292. Skywest may be contacted at (800) 241-6522. The airport is within 30 minutes from any major city within San Luis Obispo County.

Amtrak offers daily service in the City of San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles in North San Luis Obispo County. Amtrak may be contacted at 800-872-7245.
Greyhound Bus Service offers bus stops within all San Luis Obispo County cities and may be contacted at 800-231-2222. Local bus services are handled county wide by Central Coast Area Transit which may be reached at 805-541-2228.

Cayucos enjoys mild climate year round. Temperatures range from 45F to 75F thru the winter with many clear beautiful beach days approaching 80F. Summer temperatures range from 55F to 80F in the summer with occasional foggy mornings in August and September. Rain averages 10 to sometimes 20 inches per year from September thru March.



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