David Ottenberg (aka Dave O.) is the owner of the historic century old Cayucos Creek Barn. Dave purchased the barn on its lustrous 25 acre spread in 1998 and has put a lot of love and joy in preserving the natural state and ambience of this redwood barn, that was once a fully functional dairy barn.
With a vision of preserving history, culture, and nature, Dave reinforced the barn with enhancements that add to its original character and allow it to function as an unforgettable venue for hosting events.

Dave moved to Cayucos, in awe of its small town charm and beauty in being both a coastal and countryside community. Formerly a stunt driver, stunt man, and actor from Southern California, Dave is also a favorite among locals as a musician and M.C., bringing his warm joviality to every event. With a love of arts and music, he has provided the barn for gallery shows, boutiques, and musician showcases. Dave has turned the barn into a true community treasure for Cayucos, by providing a place of happiness and enjoyment for all.


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